Hi, I’m Susan Christiansen. Like so many others, I searched for years for understanding and healing of my past and answers about how it was affecting my present. I suffered from depression I just couldn’t shake, no matter what I tried! Then I began to remember things that had happened when I was young, and I became pretty much desperate for help.

Gratefully, my search led me to The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method™—and things got much clearer! I found this modality to be a straight-forward, non-invasive way to release trauma, fears, anxiety, stress, false beliefs, and much more. With SimplyHealed™, the synergistic guidance of my dedicated therapist, and many tender mercies from Heavenly Father, I am now much more integrated and whole!

I feel like a river rock—smoothed from bumping up against life’s challenges. Hopefully the experiences have taught and polished this rough stone.

I’ve received my 4-day training from Carolyn Cooper, and have witnessed remarkable changes happen in the lives of many, many people—including myself. I’m now working toward becoming a certified SimplyHealed™ practitioner. I’m so grateful to Carolyn for her generous support!

Let’s build something together.